Lee Bul

Remade in Paris: new life for capital’s abandoned buildings | The Guardian, 23 February 2023


Lee Bul‘s ”Willing to be Vulnerable – Metalized Balloon V5” is being showcased as a permanent installation in Hangar Y (Meudon, France), a key heritage site in the history of aeronautics, now transformed into a cultural center.

“An enormous art nouveau greenhouse rises from the Meudon forest, its front made entirely of glass. Inside, suspended from the ceiling, is a 21-metre-long shiny, inflatable zeppelin, which looks as though any minute it might burst through the facade's central circular pane.
The airship is a permanent, site-specific artwork by Korean artist Lee Bul, designed to draw attention to and define the huge space: this is Hangar Y, the world's first airship manufacturing hangar, built in 1878.”

March 3, 2023
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