Jeongsu Woo

Zoom In | Art in Culture

Zoom In | Art in Culture (December 2022)
The December issue of Art in Culture magazine introduces Jeongsu Woo’s solo exhibition “Palindrome” in an article titled “The secret of ‘Narcissus.’”
“On the surface of his canvases, Jeongsu Woo builds up three, four, sometimes up to twenty layers deploying tools such as as rollers, squeegees, and stencils . . . . Repetitive grids, floral patterns, traces of gestural strokes all come together to produce moments of painterly efflorescence. Engraving and painting, decoration and art, figuration and abstraction, the West and the periphery—Woo’s experiments in painting deftly navigate these contradictory currents.”
December 13, 2022
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