19 February - 2 April 2022

우정수    Jeongsu Woo

유신애    Sinae Yoo

윤향로    Hyangro Yoon

최고은    Goen Choi

BB&M is pleased to present COLD PITCH, an exhibition featuring key works by four young artists, Jeongsu Woo, Sinae Yoo, Hyangro Yoon, and Goen Choi, who have forged their own distinctive artistic visions in the fast-changing environment of contemporary Korean art. Organized jointly with Serena Sungah Choo, an independent curator noted for her discovery and advocacy of new Korean art, the exhibition is conceived as a way to discover the potential of young Korean artists and support their artistic experimentation. COLD PITCH shows the four artists at a stage when they are compelled to confront their art in a “cold,” dispassionate, objective light, “pitching” their ideas in new ways, presenting questions and possibilities surrounding their practice.

Jeongsu Woo has established himself as one of the most watched next-generation Korean painters, having been included in major institutional shows such as Young Korean Artists 2021 (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea) and the 2018 Gwangju Biennale. For this exhibition, he presents new work from the Protagonist series of paintings that he began in 2018. Human figures and sailing boats are depicted in the style of copperplate etching from the 14th and 15th centuries, with canvases realized in Woo's distinctive free brushstrokes. Recalling episodes from mythology and fiction, the images reveal the dystopian aspects of contemporary society in cynical yet humorous ways.

Exploring subcultural sensibilities through video, installation, and sculpture, Sinae Yoo has actively exhibited in Europe. She recently took part in an online project organized by Serpentine Galleries with NOWNESS (2020); in London's East End Film Festival (2018); and was invited to participate in the main exhibition of the Swiss Art Awards (2018), an annual competition to select notable young artists in Switzerland. She employs a hybrid approach combining religious and kitsch elements, drawing on traditional techniques and painting forms that conflict with the images in her work. In this exhibition, her key video work Petrichor (2021)is presented alongside new paintings based on the colorful transcription techniques used for medieval prayer books. In the process, she offers a fresh take on the everyday ironies of an age of digitally-mediated consumption.

Hyangro Yoon creates work based on images taken from superhero comics, which she renders abstract through the use of both digital editing technology and more manual instruments like oil sticks and airbrush. This is her artistic exploration of the ways in which today's sleek, screen-based images of popular culture are produced and appropriated. Her experiments garnered her attention at the 2018 Gwangju Biennale and exhibitions such as O philoi, oudeis philos (Atelier Hermès, Seoul, 2017) and Young Korean Artists 2014 (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea). The present exhibition brings together work from the series Blasted (Land) Scape and Screenshot, which represent two primary axes in her work. She also unveils an all-over wall installation as the background to her abstract paintings.

Goen Choi has emerged as a promising young Korean sculptor through inclusion in important group shows such as the 21st SongEun Art Award (SongEun Art Space, Seoul, 2021) and Refrigerator Illusion (Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, 2021). Her chief material is a very contemporary product: home appliances. Focusing on them not as mere products of industrial systems but as distillations of the contemporary aesthetic and social context, she produces works that deconstruct and rebuild the forms and structures of iconic products from different eras. This approach can be seen in her series CHEMICAL, which reinterprets the forms and material aspects of the cassette player as an item that has become both a relic and a symbol of a "retro" sensibility, and in her TORSO and TROPHY series of sculptural work, which appropriates the external forms of public art installations as minimalist sculpture.

The work presented by each of the participating artists in this exhibition signals a new inflection point in their respective careers and a deeper exploration of the forms and ideas surrounding their mediums. The present exhibition offers a chance to discover an expanding field of possibilities through a close examination of the experimental stance of a younger generation of artists who have remained committed to their individual artistic visions amid the fast-changing currents of contemporary Korean art.