Jeongsu Woo

My Sleep | Culture Station Seoul 284
My Sleep | Culture Station Seoul 284
20 July 2022 - 12 September 2022
Works from Jeongsu Woo’s “Licking painterly the revolutions” series are featured in “My Sleep,”a group exhibition examining the social and cultural contexts around existential questions posed by the subject of sleep, now on view at Culture Station Seoul 284.
“Woo draws inspiration from narrative and style of Western classical mythology and different original literary works to reconstruct the image of contemporary society and people . . . . Nineteenth-century European romanticism, especially during the latter half, was dominated by dereistic themes like mythology, fantasy, dream and sleep . . . . The etchings of French printmaker Françoise Chifflart are layered and rearranged in Woo’s work to depict episodes involving dream demons in an open narrative on a baroque-style stage.”
August 12, 2022
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