Lee Bul

An Artist in Pursuit of Balance | The New York Times

Lee Bul, a contemporary Korean artist, blends old traditions and new techniques. Work from her latest series, “Perdu,” will be shown at Frieze Seoul.

30 August 2022 by Farah Nayeri 


The New York Times features BB&M artist Lee Bul in an interview published on August 30. The artist talks about the ideas that animate her imagination, as well as the fusion of tradition and contemporary ideas and techniques in her latest series of “Perdu” works.


“I don’t believe that there is such a thing as pure beauty. We always want to define things, or to simplify things. Trying to understand the world or human beings is impossible. How can we have clear ideas or certainties about it? My works are complex structures. When I make them, I consciously and unconsciously employ different emotions. The end results are fairly beautiful-looking but are not necessarily just beautiful.”

August 30, 2022
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